"I think that the creativity practised by PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN is of an exceptional standard. All the individual preferences of the client are taken into account, this standard can be seen in the personal touch as artists. In all the construction and design projects -especially in those for private properties- the respect for the individual character is important. PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN has the capacity of combining its own style to that of his clients and according to what is technically and financially possible; PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN succeeds in creating remarkable works of art.

We have a great deal of esteem for the work of PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN and can confirm their professional attitude when dealing with their clients and suppliers. Thanks to their exemplary reliability, we have always had the confidence in PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN to supervise the work of specialized craftsmen such as interior builders, carpenters, cabinet makers, stone masons or painters, guaranteeing faithfulness to PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN's drawings.

Taking into account the complexity of the 'modus operandi' in different countries, PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN has proved his competence in supervising artisans regarding the quality of the work and meeting deadlines.

The products, furniture, textile, lighting, porcelain etc that PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN uses and the artistic paintings are always of a very high standard, adapting harmoniously the place of exhibition while enriching the space of our large property.

PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN is endowed with an intuitive knowledge and flair; this allows PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN to understand quickly the personal tastes of clients. PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN brings his creative capacity to the summit of the final product through the interior design, painting, furniture, lighting concepts, stone work, stained glass, wood or metalwork.

With the friendly and pleasant character of all PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN partners, it was always a great pleasure to work with this fine company; our relationship was not only a professional collaboration but became a sincere friendship."

Testimonial of a satisfied client Mr J.B.R.
Элитная недвижимость, архитекторы, проектировщика и генерального подрядчика