There was only one boss in ancient Egypt: the Pharaoh. Here at PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN we also know there is only one boss: the client. Just like the ancient Pharaoh, our clients are connoisseurs of beauty and aesthetics. However they also love the latest technology and expertise in building services, home entertainment and technical equipment in luxurious villas and apartments. Like their royal forebears who were used to command, our clients don't flit from one specialist to another. They choose a competent partner with excellent leadership qualities for the whole project. PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN selects, organises and directs various specialist building and renovation firms in Switzerland, Austria and throughout Europe who have won our confidence over many years of cooperation experience. For then, as now, perfect buildings are always the product of many different outstanding professionals. And for us, only the best is good enough. We unify this skilled workforce under the quality seal of PRESTIGE PROPERTY DESIGN to save our clients the difficult search for reliable building partners and to bring their building or renovation project to a successful conclusion.